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Greg McGrath Memorial Scholarship

The Greg McGrath Memorial Scholarship for the Exploration of Celtic Heritage

Our Clan brother and co-founder of Celtic Heritage Productions, Greg McGrath passed away on

March 5, 2015. Greg championed the formation of our chapter from the very beginning and it was at his events we continued to grow and thrive. When he and his wife Marcille chose to join our chapter, it was the highest of honors. Always there with an encouraging word, a brilliant plan or a great story, Greg pushed us to be the best we could become and gave us opportunities most small chapters only dream of.

Greg is and always will be sorely missed by us all.

It was Greg and Marcille’s wish for our chapter to establish a music and dance scholarship in his memory. It is our honor to have established the
Greg McGrath Memorial Scholarship For the Exploration of Celtic Heritage.  Marcille will be deeply involved every step of the way as we select the recipients.

Thank you for helping us keep Greg’s memory alive for generations to come.

Jay Lohr
President Emeritus and Chapter Co-Founder
New World Celts, Inc. Asheville Chapter

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