A 501c3  Non-Profit Corporation

New World Celts  PO Box 0362 Dunedin FL 34697 US

       President – Mike Ward

      Vice President - Deborah Dennis

      Treasurer - Eileen Carrigan

      Secretary - Kim Gonzalez

       Sargent at Arms - Keith Dennis

       Rover/events Advisor - Frank Shea


You can go to the membership page and join there via Paypal

Contact info: Sarasota@NewWorldCeltsInc.org

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​​Sarasota Chapter

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Last updated 2/21/17

Join us at our monthly meeting on the 6th of August at Pub 32, see the map to the right for directions.

Come early & socialize at 4pm

Meeting starts at 5pm and we will

have a Celtic Jam around 6!