New World Celts


Fáilte (Welcome)

"We will always be proud of Celtic contributions to History, and with every new day's actions, intend to be able to say the same tomorrow."
-January 1, 2001, Mike Dunlap, Founder and First President, New World Celts    

Our Mission: To promote awareness of the outstanding contributions and history of the Celtic Peoples in the formation and continuance of the New World. To provide a forum for the exchange and promotion of Celtic cultural information between the Celtic Associations of the New World; To act as liaison for coordination of and assistance to these Organizations. To provide a vehicle for charitable donations to promote Celtic culture in the New World in the areas of Cultural awareness, music, dance, athletics, re-enactments, and other areas deemed appropriate by the International Executive Committee.  To support all Celtic cultural non-political, non-religious, non-racist organizations that espouse the same high ideals as ours, regardless of whether they are Scots, Irish, Galician, Manx, Welsh, Breton, or Cornish. To perpetuate Celtic Culture and history in the New World. To provide a fraternal atmosphere for members.


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our former Vice President, friend, brother celt, cohort in crime, and a wonderful human being Patrick Walsh 1962-2014.  Patrick lost his battle with cancer on Jan. 30th 2014.

We will remember you with fondness, love & laughter.  Rest in Peace our dear friend!


A Warm welcome to our new Executive Vice President, Dianne Elder Miller from the Orlando Chapter!  

Dianne is picking up the torch for Patrick Walsh who resigned this position in August 2013 due to health issues.  Dianne, welcome aboard, we look forward to working with you!

Hail to our new Executive President, George Houston from the Orlando Chapter!

 Farewell to Gretchen Rath, our now past Executive President

One of our founding fathers (Mike Dunlap, center) swearing in George Houston of the Orlando Chapter as the New Executive Committee President (on the right) and to their left is the past president of the Executive Committee Gretchen Rath, holding the presidents flag and passing the flag to George.

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