Our Mission Statement

"We will always be proud of Celtic contributions to History, and with every new day's actions, intend to be able to say the same tomorrow." 

-January 1, 2001, Mike Dunlap, Founder and First President,

    New World Celts    ​  

New World Celts  PO Box 0362 Dunedin FL 34697 US

Our Mission:
•             To promote awa
reness of the outstanding contributions and history of the Celtic Peoples in the formation and continuance of the New World.

•          To provide a forum for the exchange and promotion of Celtic cultural information between the Celtic Associations of the New World; To act as liaison for coordination of and assistance to these Organizations.

•          To provide a vehicle for charitable donations to promote Celtic culture in the New World in the areas of Cultural awareness, music, dance, athletics, re-enactments, and other areas deemed appropriate by the International Executive Committee.

•          To support all Celtic cultural non-political, non-religious, non-racist organizations that espouse the same high ideals as ours, regardless of whether they are Scot, Irish, Galician, Manx, Welsh, Breton, or Cornish.

•          To perpetuate Celtic Culture and history in the New World.

•          To provide a fraternal atmosphere for members.


A 501c3  Non-Profit Corporation

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